Bathrooms may take up a fraction of your home’s square footage, but don’t underestimate the humble washroom’s ability to add value to your home and dazzle buyers when it’s time to sell. Bathrooms can make a home feel swanky and cozy at once. Of course, functionality is an essential quality of any livable bathroom. However, design matters to home buyers who will walk through your home and try to envision their first waking moments and beauty rituals at the sink.

Elevate the ambiance with these bathroom design ideas

Invest in your bathroom before you list your home to ensure it’s as marketable as could be – and so you don’t flush money down the drain. Here are fourteen bathroom-centric design ideas that increase home value to get you started.

bathroom design ideas for homeowners preparing to sell

1. Decorate with fun (not fuddy-duddy) wallpaper

Wallpaper is typically a no-no when it comes to modernizing and updating homes. In fact, Curbio has stripped many a wall of it when conducting pre-listing home improvements. Still, there’s something to be said for a tasteful dash of pattern and texture – especially as an accent to a smartened-up bathroom. Consider geometric patterns and bold colors to make your home stylish and memorable to home buyers.

2. Illuminate with skylights

Bathing in natural light feels good. Skylights maintain privacy yet connect the interior to the elements. If your home is particularly shady or your bathroom doesn’t have a private window (or any window), adding skylights will beautify the space. Many of the prospective buyers who view your home will love this feature, so this is an investment that stands to increase your home value and make your listing stand out.

3. Spice up walls and floors with interesting tile patterns

bathroom design ideas for homeowners preparing to sell

Oh, the variations are endless. Well-done tiling is pleasing, no matter if they’re big, small, textured, or patterned. Obviously, the bathroom is the perfect area for tiles. They’re the ideal option to waterproof rooms that are humid and wet regularly and make even small bathrooms more vibrant. Contrasting black and white tiles are a classic combination that rarely falls out of fashion. Get creative in terms of color, placement, materials, and patterns. This is the one room where “extra” eye-catching details can be very charming, so don’t rule out those marble or high gloss options.

4. Add some life

Keep things fresh in the washroom by making space for a beautiful plant or four. Improve air quality with low-maintenance, elegant varieties that can tolerate the bathroom’s fluctuations in temperature and humidity. If you’ve decluttered and modernized your bathroom, plants will soften and brighten its sterility.

5. Enhance the bathroom design with bold colors

Paint the vanity chartreuse. You have permission. Or use an audacious accent color in tiles, soft furnishings, or to repaint the walls. Don’t go too wild, but let the bathroom be a unique room in your otherwise neutral home. Contained spontaneity will add just the right amount of allure to your home’s interior.

6. Make your mirror (mirror) on the wall the fairest of them all

If bathroom mirrors could talk, make sure yours would say, “I know I look good.” From gold framed, dramatic designs to contemporary circular and geometrically shaped options, a mirror upgrade will be seen and appreciated when you open your house up to home buyers.

7. Par down the palette for a chic, modern feel

A bold monochrome aesthetic may be very flattering if your bathroom is neither tiny nor oversized. Upgrade your mirror, vanity, floor, and wall tiles with sleek, modern designs in greys or cooler, natural, muted tones to make a statement without making too much splash in average-sized full bathrooms.

8. Add a little flare to your fixtures

Simple changes to the hardware can add a lot of character. How old are the current lights, doorknobs, faucets, handles, and towel racks? Check out contemporary design options if your bathroom is adorned with decades-old brass fixtures. Materials range from nickel and gold to stainless steel – and even novelty colors.

Shower your bathroom with tub (…or shower) enhancements


Spend some time thinking about the perfect bath or shower. You could probably think of some things that would make this daily ritual more relaxing and enjoyable. Make pre-listing improvements to your showers and baths to delight buyers when you list your home.

9. Add a shower bench

Options range in style and budget, from built-in to freestanding. Adding a bench is feasible if you’ve got ample space in your walk-in shower. People love to relax or use them as props for shaving and lathering up.

10. Two (shower) heads are better than one

Renovated bathrooms increase home values. Upgrade before you sell!

The best way to ensure your shower bench is ideally positioned is to add a second shower head to your sparkling, remodeled shower. Double-headed showers are luxurious upgrades. They’ve been popular for decades, but have lasting appeal: a shower with two heads is practical and glamorous simultaneously!

11. Rainfall shower heads

While you’re creating the ultimate luxury shower, don’t forget the rainfall shower head! Imagine yourself bathing under a gentle waterfall on a summer day. Most home buyers will add that pleasant concept to their “pros” list when evaluating your home.

12. Invest in minimalist glass door designs

There are plenty of ways less could be more by using glass for the walls and doors of your freestanding shower. Consider frameless glass doors – or no doors at all – to elevate the style and feel of your bathroom.

bathroom design ideas for homeowners preparing to sell

13. Detail your bathroom with spa-like finishes

You can transform your bathroom into a retreat with features like heated tile flooring, “his and hers” sinks, and upgraded vanity cabinets. Spa-like touches are highly desirable; consider task lighting over the mirrors and recessed lights overhead. Make less costly and labor-intensive upgrades with plush towels, mats, and other furnishings to stage your bathroom just right.

14. Add a statement clawfoot or stand-alone tub

Tubs can be barely noticeable or the focal point in a bathroom’s layout. From refurbished vintage claw foot tubs that set a very distinct (and desired) mood to sleek, cutting-edge shapes, make home shoppers fall in love with your tub. Consider a statement tub and enhanced walk-in shower if your bathroom is spacious enough.

Make a splash with bathroom design upgrades

Don’t list your home as-is and call it a wash. Curbio will elevate your bathroom – and complete all the home improvements needed to increase your home’s value – expertly and efficiently.

Curbio strives to make it easy for homeowners to afford upgrades that result in quick, profitable home sales. Our award-winning pre-listing home improvement solutions and “pay-at-closing” pricing structure help thousands of real estate agents and homeowners year after year.

Whether your bathroom (or other areas) needs a simple refresh or more extensive work, learn more about our seamless, end-to-end services. Then, get in touch for a free, same-day estimate.