Fantastic Real Estate Agent

Want a fantastic real estate agent?  Look no further!  Linda Martin and her team is the answer for you!

Living out of state and wanting to sell my house was going to be a challenge for me.  I received a recommendation from my sister’s friend to call Linda Martin.  I had left her a message regarding my predicament and she called me back and talked to me for some time going over the possibilities of selling my house long distance.  I was very nervous, as I had tenants in the house and did not know of the exact condition and I knew I would not be able to fly to CA with all the issues that could possibly arise.

Linda, without hesitation, took on the challenge.  She was there for me every step of the way.  She helped with my tenant, helped with fixing everything that needed to be updated with the house, coordinated with vendors to have items fixed or repaired, worked with my HOA, gardener, AND was available whenever I called.   My husband and I wondered if we were her only client because that is how we felt!  She was always there for us!

I could not have asked for anyone better!  She absolutely wholeheartedly will take care of you when you decide to sell your house.  She is upfront and honest and will definitely steer you in the right direction to make sure your house is sold!

The house went on the market and three open houses later, 15 offers later, the house went into escrow.    I’m glad my house was sold without any issues, mainly because Linda was on top of it and knew exactly what to take care of.

She will be your friend and your biggest supporter during this time.  I promise you!

— Michele B. , Seller